Book 2


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A journey over four months behind the old “iron-curtain” countries of Eastern Europe. We made it to Estonia in the north fairly quickly and then zig-zagged south through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, through northern Turkey and on to Georgia. It was in Georgia that I managed to “turn our heads for home” and came back to England via the roads of southern Turkey and a ferry through some of the Greek Islands on the way to Athens, then Italy, over the Alps to France and back to the English Channel.

The book follows our progress day by day, month by month and retells the experiences – mostly good – as we come into contact with the locals. My sign language skills are on the improve! The book has heaps of photos, with captions, and a couple of maps in each chapter so the reader can keep abreast with Phe’s progress as she follows the instructions of Karen (and Compass). I simply follow Phe’s nose as we wander around the backroads of countries I know little or nothing about.

I am sure you will enjoy the read.

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