Book 3


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A journey over four months through France, Spain, Portugal and magical Morocco. What a wonderful experience this was. As usual I had no definite plans in mind other than getting to the south of Spain and crossing the Straits of Gibraltar to Northern Africa – Morocco. Well maybe Morocco for a start – but could we keep on going south into southern Africa? Don’t know. We will just have to see how things pan out. Well it finished up being a month zig-zagging around the French backroads before we got to the northern coast of Spain and the Pyrenees. Then another few weeks down to Madrid – and the bullfight – and back to the north again to enter Portugal for 3 weeks. Morocco is a big part of this book. Firstly because we were there for more than 5 weeks but secondly because of the number of rich experiences we had with the locals. Phe made a lot of friends in Morocco. She got stuck in the sand a few times and had a number of breakdowns but in each case I only had to lift the bonnet and lift the boot and withing minutes there would be a local there to help. Wonderful people, wonderful country, wonderful experiences.

I am sure you will enjoy reading this book.

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