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The broad plan for this journey was to get as far as the Middle East and I had this vague idea that if we went south through Italy we may be able to catch a ferry to Egypt somewhere along the way. Well no matter how far we drove and no matter how many times I asked the question I was unable to find one. Maybe there aren’t any! We had spent time in Central Europe and then four weeks zig-zagging south through Italy and then Sicily and the only ferry around was the one from Sicily across to Tunisia. So we got on that one. A beaut week and a half in Islamic Tunisia and a fight with the Libyan consulate because they wouldn’t let us drive through Libya to Egypt. Bugger! So we had to backtrack through Italy and go the long way round through Albania, Greece, Turkey until eventually we crossed the north-eastern border into Syria. Made it at long last. Then it was Jordan for a week and a half before the disappointment for Phe having her nose pressed up to the fence into Egypt but allowed no further. We were short of a certain piece of paper. I gave it my best shot but eventually gave up and left the big river and the triangles for some other time. We then crossed the border for a week in Israel and Palestine before a ferry to Athens and the drive back to England. We were on the road for 4 months this trip and half of it was in Islamic countries some of which have been torn apart with strife starting from only a few months after we were there. So I was very fortunate to be able to do what we did when we did, because it would be decidedly tricky to make such a journey now-a-days.

I am certain you will enjoy reading about our experiences on this journey into countries with cultures so very foreign to the lives that we live here in Australia.

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