Is The World Full Yet?


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I have put this book together to add my small voice to the rising tide of awareness of Global pressures bought about by the continuing increase in the world’s population. We all know that the world is finite in size – it is the same size now as it always has been and it will never get any bigger. But our world’s population is growing year by year without a break. Right now it is increasing at the rate of 80 million (3 1/2 Australias – or 1 Germany) people a year. Put that 80,000,000 into your calculator then divide by 365 days and then by 24 hours in the day and the answer is 9132. There are 9132 extra people added to the world every hour of every day of the year.

I guess you hadn’t noticed that extra 9,132 people arriving in your last hour, but by hell Jasper will notice! Jasper was one of 400,000 kids born yesterday and will have to live his life along with more and more people with less and less resources for the next 100 plus years. Is anyone thinking about the world we are flick-passing on to him and his siblings? There will come a time when we have added too many people.
The question has to be asked – must be asked – IS THE WORLD FULL YET?