Sister Site

I have two websites that may be of interest to people.

First of all there is this one  On Roads Without Lines  which focuses on the travelling I have done in the northern hemisphere with my 3 inanimate mates, Karen (the GPS), Compass (just that a compass) and Phe (that marvelous old bucket of nuts and bolts that came out of the Fiat womb in 1993). This site tells a little about how the journeys evolved and a little about me and my life with Barbara. It is also the vehicle for the sale of the 3 books that are in print – books covering 3 of our 5 journeys. All 3 books share the same sub-title and title:-

Karen and Compass, Phe and Me

On Roads Without Lines

but have different book numbers. Book 2 is the travelogue of the journey through those countries that were behind the iron curtain not that many years ago, Book 3 covers the journey the following year through France, Spain, Portugal and magical Morocco, and Book 4 relates to the almost 5 months driving to the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine. There is a Book 5 in the pipeline and it works over the big trip across Russia from England to Japan and Korea – maybe sometime in 2016 for this one.

People sometimes raise the question about the whereabouts of Book 1? Well there isn’t a Book 1 and probably never will be one. It would relate to our first journey together through Scandinavia, Iceland, eastern Russia and central Europe. This was the first journey for the four of us, alone and together, so there was a lot of learning going on. We were all novices and I guess, looking back, we were fortunate to come through it unscathed. Maybe, one day, I will try to put a Book 1 together even if only for the reason of completeness.


Then there is the sister website:

The primary purpose of this site is to back up a book I have recently had printed:

Is The World Full Yet?

This book is a layman’s view at that immense problem confronting the world – the problem of continual population increase on a finite planet

Over the past couple of years I have been addressing (and entertaining) many clubs and groups of people – be they Car Clubs, or Rotary, or Lions, or Probus groups – with the story of my travels. These talks have become a large part of my day-to-day life. But then, as an extension to this international theme I put forward an address regarding the paramount problem in the world today. I call this presentation:

The Bigger Things of Life – and they don’t come much bigger than this!

  • The problem we don’t want to face.
  • The problem that is the route cause of our ecological concerns.
  • The problem that is never going to go away by itself.
  • The problem that is getting more and more serious each and every day.

It is the problem of ever increasing population on an earth that is finite in size. An earth that will never grow any bigger. An earth that will eventually be “Full Up”. Sure, we will all probably be dead and gone by that time but our grandchildren and their grandchildren will be left with the mess. They will have to fix it and will certainly not be grateful for our neglect over so many years.

It was the first book of the old testament that called for the people of the world to “Go Forth and Multiply”

By hell, we did that alright – we have virtually multiplied ourselves out of existence.

So the ‘Graeme Robin’ website explores the options available to us: